“Leave the great roads, take the paths”.

In-Home Wine Tasting Events

Take a journey into the exclusive world of Italian finest family-owned wineries and enjoy a fun and informative wine tasting experience from the comfort of your home. Whether you want to impress your guests or discover the hidden gems of Italian wine production, I’m here to guide you in this very exciting experience.

Wine Tasting Off the Beaten Path


With over 540 native grape varieties, which one would you choose?
Try my beginner’s selections or book a bespoke wine tasting event.

The Unesco Trail

A wine tasting experience which matches each wine with an Italian UNESCO heritage site.

About Dario

Wine enthusiast by birth, wine consultant by choice

I grew up among the vine trees of my family vineyard in Southern Italy. Becoming a personal sommelier and wine consultant came to me as a natural choice. My mission today is to engage you and your guests in exciting wine tasting experiences and to make you discover the hidden gems produced by some of the finest family-owned wineries in Italy.

Other Services

Personal Sommelier

Wine service & Wine Lists consultancy for restaurants and hotels

Wine Cellar Services

Consultancy and Maintenance for beginners and seasoned collectors alike.

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