Dario Lamonaca

Your Italian Wine Consultant

Hi, I’m Dario I am an Italian sommelier and wine consultant based in Cheshire. My passion for wine is as ancient as the roots of my homeland – Calabria. The ancient Greeks called it Enotria, to indicate the luxuriant vineyards which covered its valleys. To me, wine is a family matter. I grew up watching the grapes of my grandfather’s vineyards ripen under the August sun. The colors of the earth, the sounds of the fermentation in the barrels, the scents of the grape harvest – everything spoke to me about roots and a sense of belonging.

When I moved to England, I decided to turn this passion into a job.

I attended the Italian Wine Specialist course (UK Sommelier Association) along with several refresher courses, and I received the WSET Level 3 Certification in June 2022. Over time, I have built up a network of relationships with many Italian wine producers, whom I have the pleasure to call friends as well as business partners.

The Mission

As a wine lover myself, I have realised that Italian wines are often poorly represented on international markets. You often find standardised bottles and shoddy products that do not convey the authenticity of the territory and the personality of the producers. Therefore, my work as a private sommelier and wine consultant is focused on raising awareness about authentic Italian wine production.

In Italy wine is culture, tradition, territory, and nature. A real heritage to be told, appreciated, and collected for future generations.

Through my in-home wine tastings and consultancy services, I want to guide you on a cultural journey to discover authentic and unknown Italian grape varieties, to surprise the connoisseurs and fascinate those who do not yet know the world of Italian wines.

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