Personal Sommelier

Enhance your next event

As a professional private sommelier, my goal is to ensure you make an informed choice about the wines you consume and share with your hosts. I will help you create the perfect wine selection to serve during special occasions, gala dinners and business events, taking care of every aspect of the service: serving temperature of wines, use of appropriate glasses, wine and food pairing.

What I can do for you:

  • Production of customized list of Italian wines suitable for celebrations, corporate events and cocktail parties
  • Coordination with private chef or catering service to create the perfect food-wine pairing
  • Wine service during the event
  • Wine tasting at art galleries
  • Wine list consultancy for restaurants and hotels

Wine Cellar Services

Make your passion for wine become your legacy

My advisory is both for beginners who wish to start a wine cellar from scratch and for seasoned collectors who need to re-organize and improve their collection. I can help you build a valuable wine cellar based on your personal tastes and budget. The main objective is to help you enjoy it and preserve it at its best for many decades to come. To check bottle preservation, we will plan a calendar of regular visits.

What I can do for you:

  • Sourcing rare and collectible bottles
  • Wine cellar management
  • Wine consulting based on your taste and requests
  • Wine cellar inventory
  • Check of bottle preservation
  • Expert recommendations on what to buy and sell

Italian Wine Consultant

Learn the secrets of Italian wines

Are you interested in Italian wines? Do you wish to explore this fascinating world to enjoy it and share it with other fellow wine enthusiasts? Thanks to my advice and one-to-one training on Italian grape varieties, wineries, processing methods and terroirs, you will have the tools to move confidently through the complex geography of Italian wine production. If you are looking for advice on which wines to buy while travelling, or which bottles to order to impress your guests, book a consultation. I look forward to sharing some exciting wine tips that will help you become a real expert in no time.

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