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Get Ready to Taste the Dolce Vita

An in-home wine tasting event is an amazing experience to share. Each tasting is an immersive experience that allows you to discover niche wines produced by small Italian luxury wineries. Every bottle tells a unique tale about the territory where it comes from. My role is to help you taste the Dolce Vita and discover the incredible variety of wines that Italy has to offer.

How does it work

Before the tasting, we will meet to discuss the event and define the details: pairing with a specific menu, number of people, special requests. All you have to do is purchase the suggested wine list and I will take care of the rest.

Most of the wines come directly from producers in Italy, who certify their authenticity and vintage. Many of these wines are also off-market.

Planning the wine tasting event, in details:

  • You’re in charge of purchasing the wine following my list and instructions.
  • You can book one of my beginner’s selections or a bespoke wine lineup
  • Share with me any specific request (preferences, allergies, special menus…) 

A wine tasting experience which matches each wine with an Italian UNESCO heritage site.

  • Dolomites (Ferrari Trento DOC)
  • Etna (Etna bianco)
  • Reggia di Caserta (Pallegrello bianco)
  • Nizza Monferrato Hills (Nizza La Court)
  • Val d’Orcia (Brunello di Montalcino)
  • Cinque Terre (Sciacchetrà DOC)

Get to the basics of Italian wine production through an engaging sensory experience.

  • Water (Albana di Romagna)
  • Air (Fiano di Avellino)
  • Earth (Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo)
  • Fire (Cirò Riserva)
  • The Fifth (it’s a surprise!)


You already know where to start? Tell me your needs and I’ll prepare a custom wine selection that meets your requests and amazes you at the same time.

Each wine I select for private wine tasting events and wine collections comes from Italian family-owned, highly rated wineries producing amazing wines that respect the environment and the people.

  • Protection of the landscape and its biodiversity
  • Harvesting by hand of perfectly healthy grapes at optimum ripeness
  • Exclusive use of indigenous yeasts
  • Use of grape must without additives
  • Chemical-free cultivation which respects the vine and its natural cycles

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